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Monthly Archives: April 2016

The Chicken Coop


When The Husband brought home our original 9 chickens, they came with a cute little coop.  This coop was secure from animals getting in (except snakes of course) and there was plenty of room for all of our chickens, and even our turkey eventually migrated in although she was unable to climb up into the roosting box.  Plus the coop was charming with a little window and flower box so I could see the birds roosting from my kitchen window. (more…)

Sonlight World History- A Review

I don’t usually do reviews of products outright, but this time of year homeschool parents start thinking about two things:  annual testing and next year’s curriculum.  Ok… well, that and summer break because even if we homeschool year-round most co-ops and classes end around this time of year which means life can slooooowwww down.  Anyway, what I’m seeing in all of the homeschool forums I belong to are requests for curriculum recommendations.  Because as I’ve already said, curriculum is probably the most overwhelming decision a homeschooler will make. (more…)

Still Working On The Garden


Shortly after my garden post (which you can read here) The Husband and I went shopping for seeds.  We bought seeds, label sticks, dirt, and peat cups for starting our seeds inside.  The Husband also picked up a few gardening tools like a hand tiller and got me some stakes and tape.  Our garden plan was in action. (more…)

The Broody Chicken


Our favorite chicken, Harriet, has become broody.  For those of you that are not chicken aficionados like myself, this is the equivalent of a woman ovulating while hearing the tick, tick, tick of her biological clock.  In other words, Harriet is trying to hatch eggs. (more…)

Creating a Learning Environment


A few years ago I read Freakonomics by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt.  My Dad recommended it to me when I was taking Economics.  It was a pretty awesome book and I highly recommend picking a copy up and also checking out their podcast.  Anyway, one of the most applicable (to homeschooling) subjects lies in chapter 5. Basically, it says that if you create a learning environment for your children, statistically they are more likely to be more intelligent even if you, as the parent, are not actively engaged in their education than their counterparts who regularly visit the library and other places of education.  Ok.  I am kind of paraphrasing here.  I encourage you to read the book and draw your own conclusions. (more…)

Death on the Homestead


Today was a perfectly terrific day.  Kinder co-op was fun for the Littles, we had a playdate with some of our besties, and I got to go out to Copeland Springs Farm and visit with my dear friend Kristin and talk about gardening, the farmers’ market, and just life in general (we had a lot of catching up to do).  We were gone pretty much all day so when we got home I started the routine of checking on all of the animals. (more…)