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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Sometimes I just don’t want to.


Today I woke up in a mood.

It’s a holiday weekend and The Husband has plans to do a lot of projects around the homestead.  He is having some dirt delivered and building the remaining 9 garden boxes so I will be filling and planting those boxes, plus I need to thin out the 3 boxes I’ve already planted.  The kids are behind on their schoolwork so I really need to play a riveting game of catch up over the weekend.  The house is always in need of some type of cleaning, and if The Husband is successful with some of his weekend plans we will have the baby chicks out of the dining room and I will be deep cleaning the zoo out. (more…)

Super Hero “I Can” Booklet – Free Download!

My superhero! #hesmysuperhero #lovethisboysomuch #hesavesmydays

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A few months back I was looking at “kindergarten readiness” lists for my Little Man.  Technically, he’s still a year away from Kindergarten, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be able to do some of the things, especially those large motor skills like jumping and skipping.  I found a few lists, but they were so drab and boring.  I mean, I love making lists, but not reading them. (more…)

The 2016/2017 School Plan


I have been in the throes of planning for our upcoming school year.  A lot of planning goes into each year trying to decide what did and didn’t work during the year, what opportunities there are for us, and what opportunities we need to create for ourselves because they are not being continued next year.  I have to look at curriculum choices and consider if we want or need to change.  I have to listen to the kids and what they are interested in right now and make some presumptions about what they will be interested in over the course of the upcoming year.  And I have to consider the budget we want to put into homeschooling. (more…)

Keeping My Sanity


Last summer I kinda broke.

It had been coming for a while.  A slow downward spiral into depression.

I think after the suicide of the beloved actor Robin Williams depression really came under the spotlight.  More and more people were coming out about their struggle with depression.  Social media platforms were plastered with memes about depression.  Thousands of blogs were written about depression.  Nearly everyone was talking about depression and the real effects it has on people and those around them.

The idea of depression that seems to be prevalent is that of sadness.  The image of a sad person moping around through their every day trying to make it to the next day.


Putting Up a Fence

Our chickens have been wandering all over the neighborhood since we first moved into the new house.  At first they were staying close, but with every passing day they ventured further and further out until they had pretty much claimed our yard and both of the neighbors on either side of us. (more…)

Operation Chicken Mama

operation chicken mama

Harriet was showing no signs of breaking her broodiness.  We were 3 weeks in and she was still sitting on those dead eggs, plus Peepers had decided under Harriet was the safest place to start laying her eggs.  (How did she even get them under Harriet?!?!)

It was time to enact OPERATION CHICKEN MAMA. (more…)

Why You Should Join the Homesteading Movement

Photo Credit: Adrian Barnes

What comes to mind when you think about “homesteading”?  Farming, doomsday prepping, off-grid living, anti-government/corporate America, extremists…  This is the list I probably would have rattled off about five years ago.  I think a lot of people probably see the homesteading movement in a very similar way.

And, in some cases this is exactly what homesteading is.  But that’s not all it is, or all it could be, or all it should be. (more…)

End of Year Testing

In 2014 we became official “homeschoolers” according to our State requirements.  We registered our homeschool, Pitter-Paterson School, with the state.  Our state also requires annual testing.  I could have done it right away but we decided to wait until the end of the school year.  Last summer was our first test. (more…)