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Monthly Archives: June 2016

It’s Summer Time!


It’s summertime.  This is the one time of the year I have the hardest time letting go of my traditional school upbringing-deschooling.  There’s just something about the memories made during that long summer break that are precious.

Ok, sure, the whole idea of homeschooling is about making lasting memories throughout the year.  And we do.  But… SUMMER! (more…)

The Judgement Game


This week I had some errands to run and to reward the kiddos for being so good during my errands we got milkshakes and went to the playground.  The Princess, ever the social butterfly, met a girl that quickly became her BFF, and so I was obligated to then become BFF’s with the girl’s mom.  (How I ever managed to make friends before The Princess is beyond me.)

Anyway, as I was talking to my new BFF mom, she asked if I homeschooled.  (more…)

Another Garden Update


I feel like our garden is such a slow-going thing.  I keep plugging at it, mostly because I have been telling myself two things.  1. This is really a massive learning experience for the following years and 2. All of this work this year is setting things up so that next year there will be a lot less waiting around.  And maybe at some point we will get to reap a little of all of this effort we are sowing. (more…)