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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Let’s Get this School Year Started!


In less than a week, Pitter-Paterson Academy will officially begin it’s 2016-2017 school year.  It’s not that we’ve really taken that much time off… or rather, it’s not that we’ve really done much different from our regular school year.  We still take opportunities to learn throughout the day whether that is through reading together, or discussing something that interests us, or visiting a museum or historical place, or just visiting with friends.  Plus, we’ve been attending the Kid’s Honor Club (you can revisit that post here) earlier this month which is a regularly scheduled class.

All that fun learning aside, we will officially begin August 1st and I am determined that this year we will cut down on the partying and get some academic structure in our little homeschool. (more…)

Review Wednesday: Treasure Run


missing teddy

Our Kinder Co-op officially ended in May.  My ingenious friend Jill planned this fun end-of-the-year Kinder Co-op Summer Olympics complete with gold medals.  Some of the moms (including myself) thought that maybe continuing to meet unofficially would be good for the kiddos.  And us.

When my week came up I decided to do a mystery, treasure hunt for the kids.  I was contacted by Treasure Run to try out their product a few weeks prior and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to give them a try. (more…)

3 Ways to Stop and Smell the Roses


Confession:  I don’t love playing with my kids.  I mean, I enjoy watching them play together.  And for snippets of time I can thoroughly enjoy a good tickle fight or wrestling match; I can use a stuffed animal to kiss on a little face; I can make a little something with Play-Doh.  But my stamina in the “Mommy, play with me!” ring is pretty much non-existent.

Why don’t I like playing with my kids?

I’m a terrible mother… ? (more…)

The Big Homeschool S-word.


I think every homeschool blogger on the planet writes a post about the Big S word.  You know… SOCIALIZATION.  Even in these modern times when information is so much more readily available and people are so much more aware, there is still this preconceived notion that being homeschooled today is like it was 20 or 30 years ago.  Too many intelligent people still have this idea in their heads that going to school Monday through Friday for 6 hours a day with our peers is the only real way to learn to function in a social society. (more…)

Pick-your-own Farms


Last week I drug the family out on a pick-your-own adventure.  In the lovely 90° weather with some insane percent humidity (thank you North Carolina weather).  Needless to say, the family was miserable.  But honestly, I love the pick-your-own farms and they love fresh berries and muffins so I wasn’t terribly upset about making them go.

Kid’s Honor Club


Last month my friend Tina invited me and some close friends to join a Kid’s Honor Club.  Ok, well, she invited our kids.  It’s a sweet little 12 week program Tina picked up that teaches the kids what it means to be honorable people. (more…)

A Boy Named Pink


Seriously, our luck with getting hens is like… well, bad.  It’s bad luck.  We added 8 birds to our flock this year and to date at least one is a rooster, but quite possibly 1 more. (more…)

Clean Living


A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an online Norwex party by my friend Tina.  I had heard of Norwex before, but just in passing.  This was my first time actually looking at the products.

Up to this point, I haven’t exactly embraced the idea of “clean living” with open arms.  It’s not that I’m fighting it.  It’s just that, honestly it is easier and more convenient to pick up some Lysol wipes and Comet while I’m at the local superstore.  Plus, let us not forget the cost factor.  Chemical-free is often more expensive at least on the front side of things.  And… confession:  I love the smell of cleaners.  There is just something about the smell of Pine Sol that says CLEAN to me. (more…)