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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Apple Camp


I like free.  I especially like free educational opportunities.  I mean, let’s face it, educating our kids can be really expensive.  Thank goodness for opportunities like Apple Camps from the Apple store. (more…)

Review Wednesday- Caboo Paper Products


When Caboo contacted me to try some samples of their products, honestly, I had to look up what they sold.  I had never heard of Caboo.  Turns out, they are a paper products company that produces sustainably produced household paper products made from bamboo and sugar cane.  These products are free of dyes, inks and fragrances.  You can find Caboo products at select markets around the country such as Ingles, Whole Foods and Wegmans. (more…)

Keeping School Records


Since we’ve moved into the new house I have been trying to sort through things and get more organized.  A couple weeks ago I cleaned out the schoolroom closet and pulled out piles upon piles of schoolwork from this past school year and the year prior.  At that point as I was drowning in the heaps of paper I could only wonder what was expected of me in terms of keeping school records.  I mean, we don’t really do grades; there are no quarterly report cards; there is nothing specific to indicate what, if anything we have done for the school year. (more…)

Canning, Freezing, and Preserving


When I was growing up I spent many an hour stringing and breaking green beans with my Nana.  She canned quart size mason jars of green beans by the bushel.  And honestly, there was absolutely nothing more wonderful than sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner and eating freshly canned summer green beans.

The last bit of green beans my Nana strung and broke were imaginary beans as she was coming off morphine after a series of small strokes.  It was funny to watch Nana break those beans, but also very sad.  I know it was something she enjoyed doing and in the 11 years since she has not had the pleasure of eating fresh green beans except possibly a handful of times. (more…)

Unfinished Curriculum


Every year we spend several hundred dollars on curriculum for our homeschooling needs.  Starting in about March of each school year I begin thinking about the next year, exploring new curriculum options, thinking about what to add, what to change, what to do differently.  All year long, I am exposed to homeschooling friends’ curriculum choices and curriculum collections.

But three years into homeschooling and we have only managed to successfully complete one curriculum during a school year.  So, what do I do? (more…)

Our Veggie Garden: Plethora and Drought


Here it is August and I had really hoped to be drowning in produce.  Cooking, canning, freezing, preserving, even giving away fresh produce that we grew in our garden boxes.  Ok, I at least wanted to cook ONE meal of freshly grown foods.

To date I have harvested a total of 5 bean pods:  2 black beans and 3 pinto beans.  They weren’t even really healthy bean pods. (more…)

Review Wednesday- Soap Nuts


The idea of berries to clean your laundry is pretty absurd.  I mean, seriously?!?!  Berries?!?!

But actually, Soap Nuts are exactly that.  They are berries that clean your laundry.  A few weeks ago I was sent a sample from Green Virgin Products to try out since I’ve been dying to try them.  I was pretty excited to open them up and start using them.  Despite my excitement, I still waited a week before my trial run. (more…)

The First Day of School 2016-2017

349-2  350-2  353-2

Monday August 1, 2016 was the first day of school for Pitter-Paterson Academy year 4.  As you know, I have set a very ambitious schedule for our little school this year (you can read here).  Not only will the Littles be doing more academics, but also The Princess’s academics will be more stringent.

I only planned for the month of August because I wanted to see how we would handle this schedule.  Plus, as we get further into fall, there will be more classes, more field trips, more learning opportunities that we will want to take advantage of so I wanted to make sure our schedule would work, but also allow us some flexibility to add this stuff in.  You know how we love to party…. (more…)