Review Wednesday- Timeless Skin Care


This year I turned 40 years old.  It should be no big deal, right?  I mean, Jennifer Lopez is over 40.  Eva Longoria.  Drew Barrymore.  Amy Adams.  Eva Mendes.  Cameron Diaz.  These are all gorgeous women.  I guess the problem is that I don’t compare 40 year old Karmen to 40 year old Cameron Diaz; I compare 40 year old Karmen to 25 year old Karmen.  Ok… I am certainly a much better person now.  But those years of laughing and crying; the years of smoke-filled bars listening to local bands play; and the years of sun damage (I grew up in the pre-sunscreen age before we knew how important UV protection was)…  The person I see in the mirror now is not the person I see in my head.

This new reflection is much older looking.  My face is filled with wrinkles and age spots and… time.  It’s filled with time.  Enter Timeless Skin Care.