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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Christmas when you’ve lost faith

I grew up in a Christian family.  I was born to a traditional Southern Baptist family, and attended church, Sunday school, and Vacation Bible school until I was 8 when my mother converted us to Catholicism.  At 9 I began attending Catholic school, going to Catechism classes and Vacation Bible school.  Steeped in the Catholic church and all of its traditions I was by all accounts and measures a complete Christian.

I have spent the last 22 years carrying on that tradition.  I have taught my children to know God and Jesus.  They have all been christened and the oldest two have gone through their first Penance and first Communion.  I have read the Bible to them.  I have taught them to pray.  I have taken them to church and signed them up for vacation Bible school.  My oldest daughter attended Catholic school for the first 6 years of her education and before I even considered homeschooling, I toured the local Catholic school for the Princess.

Christianity is what I have always known. (more…)

Homeschool Home Tour

A few months back my friend Kristie and I were having a fabulous bitch session, I mean… oh hell.  I can’t make it any more flowery than that because that’s exactly what it was.  We were bitching.  Hot topic:  Husbands.  It wasn’t a husband-bashing, not really.  It was more a venting of all of those husbandly quirks that at one time we probably found endearing but after 10+ years of marriage we now find extraordinarily annoying.

The one topic that we kept coming back to was housekeeping.  Ugh.  The mere mention of that word sends me into a fit of vexation.

But I get it.  I do.  I like a clean house.  I love having a clean house.  I love things neat and organized:  easy to find; everything with its own place.

The question is not if I like it that way, it’s do I have the time and energy to keep it that way? (more…)

My Gardening Failure

Turns out I don’t have much of a green thumb.  All of the planning, money, work, and stress and we managed to get 3 black bean pods, 2 pinto bean pods, and 1 small serving of okra.  Jealous of my fresh food plethora, aren’t you?

To be fair, I had basil but didn’t harvest it because I thought it was like rosemary and just continually produced.  I may have had sweet potatoes but I wasn’t sure when to pull them.  I also had more okra that I didn’t harvest because it came at the end of the season and by that time I was pretty much frustrated so I neglected the end of the season.  In a lot of ways this year was a gardening failure.

But I did learn.  And while I haven’t started putting in the planning for next year, I feel pretty confident that next year will be more of a success.  Maybe we will get to eat 2 helpings of okra and a couple of tomatoes!  Come on over for the feast…  Haha.

Here is what I’ve learned and how I hope to make next year better. (more…)

The Morning Basket

A lot of my friends have really loved the idea of The Morning Basket that we’ve been doing this school year.  I would like to take credit for this amazing thing, but it’s definitely not a unique idea.  There are so many variations of The Morning Basket with so many awesome ideas all you really have to do is look.  Of course, what good would this blog post be if I told you to go look elsewhere?  So, let’s talk about how awesome MY morning basket is.  🙂 (more…)

Chicken Jail


When we first moved into our new house the chickens had free range of the yard.  Their only barrier was the chain link fence that ran the length of the left side of our yard.  Over the last year we have started fencing in the back yard to contain the animals.  (And by “we” I really mean The Husband.)  If you remember, The Husband had done extensive research about fencing and ended up picking up some flexible fencing rolls that we ran the back and right side length of the yard.  You can read about it in my post “Putting Up a Fence.”  We also used this fencing to enclose our vegetable garden to keep the chickens out. (more…)