Garden 2017

As you may remember, my 2016 garden was pretty much a failure.  (You can read about it here.)  I only managed to harvest one small meal’s worth of okra.  There were a lot of factors that played into my failure, not the least of which was my own lack of attention to my garden’s needs.  But!  I do not feel discouraged.  In fact, I believe I learned some valuable lessons from my gardening failure last year.  Lessons that I think I can apply to a garden this year and reap much more success.  I have also been taking some time to read a variety of books, articles, and posts that have given me some great tips and ideas to make 2017 a much more successful year.

It takes a lot of planning to make the most of your garden, especially when you’re just starting out.  More weathered gardeners and farmers probably plan a lot less because they already have experience to show them what to do.  My garden still needs a lot of set up to be its most sustainable and I can’t set up what I don’t plan for.  Plus, if you know me at all by now making lists, researching, and planning is really my favorite part.  I lack a bit in the execution area. (more…)