Hi there!  I am Karmen and this is my blog about the unlikely journey into homesteading, homeschooling, and life with  my family.  Here you will find all of the wit, grit, and shit that goes down in our life on the farm.

I was born to two outdoorsy types that loved everything outdoors.  They went repelling, caving, hang gliding, camping, hiking, etc.  I spent much of my childhood in the Smoky Mountains while the parents and their friends were enjoying the outside world.

I have never been particularly outdoorsy myself however.  I have always preferred the comforts of air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and a TV conveniently located in my living room.  Honestly, though it’s difficult to be an indoor kind of person when you live in such close proximity to the monumental beauty of the Smokies so despite my preferences, I still spent vast amounts of time outside exploring the world.

While I grew up in the suburbs of East Tennessee, I spent summers in middle Tennessee on my Aunt and Uncle’s cattle farm.  I did little by way of farming except tend to the stray cats and catching fireflies.  The rest of my time was spent being the daughter my Aunt didn’t have (she had boys), sharing a love of vanilla ice cream with my Uncle whose palate is still unwaveringly picky, and playing vast amounts of Super Mario Brothers late into the night with my Aunt to the chagrin of my cousins who had to be in bed.

By high school I felt certain that my life was destined for travelling to romantic and far off places like London and Paris.  I loved New York City, and really any big city would set my heart pumping.  I craved the fast-pace and excitement that was a city.  I dreamed of the MOMA and quaint city cafes.

Those dreams were quickly derailed by a small surprise…  A 5 lbs. 13 oz. blonde hair, blue eyed surprise.  Born one week after my 19th birthday I was given a new dream- to be a Mom.  Not just A Mom, but the very best Mom I could be.

So off to community college I went where I studied Graphic Design.  After graduating with an AAS in Graphic Design I went on to art school, but soon realized I had way more passion than talent.  I wasn’t heartbroken per se, but without art I lacked direction.

I blurred through several years of aimless wandering in my life.  Nothing quite settled in for me.   Then I met The Husband.

I suppose you could say, “And the rest was history…”  We married and began our family and life journey.  Three kids, 3 dogs, several chickens, 2 guinea pigs, and a turkey later and here we are.  Right here.  Right in the middle of this blog.

Post marriage I did manage to get a B.S. in Agricultural Business with a minor in Environmental Science.  Through my studies I developed a passion for sustainability, local produce, meats, and dairy, and regaining some of the simplicity that our complicated lives have diminished.

We have embarked on a journey of homesteading and home education.  I never imagined myself on this journey, but I have come to embrace it with each passing day.  The benefits far outweigh the challenges presented.  Each day brings with it a new horizon that we, as a family, get to explore, learn, and enjoy.