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Keeping up with the “norm”

In high school I had a theory that I was the epitome of average.  Average height, average weight, average intelligence, average interests, average hair color…. you get the idea.  There was nothing about me that stood out.  I was normal. Not much has changed in the many odd years since then.  I’m still pretty average. […]

Why your teen should take a Safe-Relationship Class

My oldest daughter and I are very close.  We always have been.  I’m sure a big part of our closeness has to do with the 10 years that it was mostly just me and her.  She did everything with me.  One friend once said that if you did something with Karmen, you knew you were […]

When I’m Failing My Kids

I guess today was just one of those days, or maybe this week was just one of those weeks.  The kids have had colds for what feels like months now.  I think the weather is what’s causing us problems:  30 degrees one day, 70 the next.  Anyway, because of all of the sniffling, coughing, puking… […]

Don’t Let New Year’s Resolution-Making Be Cliche

It drives me crazy when people dismiss holidays because they are “cliche”.  The couple that doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because they believe in showing love every day, or in this case the individuals who don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because NY’s Resolutions are just made to be broken.  But what if they’re not?  What if […]

Christmas when you’ve lost faith

I grew up in a Christian family.  I was born to a traditional Southern Baptist family, and attended church, Sunday school, and Vacation Bible school until I was 8 when my mother converted us to Catholicism.  At 9 I began attending Catholic school, going to Catechism classes and Vacation Bible school.  Steeped in the Catholic […]

Homeschool Home Tour

A few months back my friend Kristie and I were having a fabulous bitch session, I mean… oh hell.  I can’t make it any more flowery than that because that’s exactly what it was.  We were bitching.  Hot topic:  Husbands.  It wasn’t a husband-bashing, not really.  It was more a venting of all of those […]

The Morning Basket

A lot of my friends have really loved the idea of The Morning Basket that we’ve been doing this school year.  I would like to take credit for this amazing thing, but it’s definitely not a unique idea.  There are so many variations of The Morning Basket with so many awesome ideas all you really […]

The Wonderful Homeschool Co-op Pt. 3

Welcome to part 3 and my final post on Homeschool Co-ops.  You can read about Year-Round Open Co-ops in part 1 and Subject/Curriculum Specific Co-ops in Part 2.  This final type of co-op is by far the biggest and most involved co-op. There are a lot of ways I’ve seen this kind of co-op done, […]

The Wonderful Homeschool Co-op Pt. 2

Despite what many people think, homeschooling is definitely NOT an alienating experience.  But sometimes we get asked, or even ask ourselves, how do we get social experiences?  What opportunities are out there for our kids to meet other kids, and where do we parents find other parents? The answer is simple:  The Wonderful Co-op!

The Wonderful Homeschool Co-op Pt. 1

One of the scariest parts of homeschooling is the feelings of isolation that come about because all of those stay-at-home moms you were friends with and had playgroups with now are sitting in carpool taking their kids to and from school, participating in class events, volunteering as the classroom mom, the Library helper, etc. or […]