If you remember a while back, I confessed that I am just not good on a schedule.  If you missed it, you can read the post by clicking here.  Over the last year I have played around with a variety of different schedules trying to find one that works for me.  Mostly what I have found is that I can generally manage one or two areas of my life on a schedule, but let other things go.  For example, I can keep my blog consistent and manage our homeschool schedule, but the house cleaning, meal planning, and shopping will all fall apart.  Or I can keep the house clean, plan amazing meals, and get our homeschooling done on time, but the blog gets ignored.  You get the idea.

Granted, I do have a lot on my plate to juggle and figure out.  Not only am I homeschooling 3 children, managing a household, trying to maintain and build a blog, trying to plan, build, and harvest a garden that will sustain our family, and trying to make a go of the homestead with the birds, composting, gardening, etc. BUT I am also trying to build a successful social media marketing and web design business, break my way into the freelance writing business as well as I have become the activities coordinator for one of my local homeschool groups and web master to another.  (One day I should probably confess about my over-commitment issues.)

One thing that I have found through the course of the year that works best for me is the use of a planner.  So far, I’ve really only used it for school and our social planning but the more I’ve looked around, the more I’ve come to realize that I could use a planner for so much more!

My current planner is a lesson planner I picked up at Target during the Back-to-School sales in August.  I started my first couple of months being all creative and color coding things, drawing pictures, and generally making my planner look all fun and interesting.  By October I chilled and just made sure I got the information in the thing!  Haha!  It’s worked well for our school and social schedules, but I really want something more comprehensive.  Furthermore, because this planner was intended for schools, the daily plans are only Monday through Friday, but I need to cover Saturdays and Sundays as well because not only do we do school those days, but we also have gardening, blogging, etc. that needs to be done.

So, to begin my new journey in planning I began looking at planner options to see what else is out there.  Oh.  My.  Goodness!  There are so many, many, many, many planners out there!  I am not even kidding.  But the planner idea that interested me the most is more conceptual.  I love the idea of the Whole Life Planner.  There are quite a few of those already printed, but I decided that what I want is to create my own:  something that addresses all of the various aspects of my life that I want to get in order.

Once that decision was made, it was off to Pinterest.  Why do I do that to myself?  Because I am a glutton for punishment, that’s why.  And because Pinterest has a zillion ideas so if I’m going to do this myself then I need those ideas to pull from and build on.  There are also many free planner printables that are already designed, beautiful and ready to print.  This is perfect because I can pick and choose from a variety of different planner ideas to put into one cohesively designed planner that really works for me.

I have spent the better part of a few days now creating and designing my planner.  It is not quite done, but I think as long as I can keep at it, I may have a well-designed planner by the end of March and be using it by April!  Plus, I’ll share it with you as a free printable.  Isn’t that fun?!