Our chickens have been wandering all over the neighborhood since we first moved into the new house.  At first they were staying close, but with every passing day they ventured further and further out until they had pretty much claimed our yard and both of the neighbors on either side of us.

Not only were we having to herd the birds back into the yard every day, sometimes several times a day, but they were laying their eggs everywhere.  Peepers had found a cozy little spot in one neighbor’s yard next to a giant tree and under a pile of 4×4’s.  Thing One found a tree with a nice hole in the bottom that she claimed until I kept taking her eggs so she moved her laying spot and I still to this day haven’t found it.


And then there’s the dogs.  The Husband built this amazing pen for them with plenty of room to run and play, lay in the sun or find a shady spot, but they still couldn’t run around the yard with us when we were tooling around back there because as soon as they were out of their pen they took off, often to be found yards and yards away.  We were worried about the dogs getting hit by a car or worse destroying someone else’s property.

We talked about putting up a nice privacy fence but there are some property line questions, plus honestly, a nice privacy fence just isn’t in the budget right now.

But we still have to keep the animals in our yard.  We no longer live on vast amounts of wander-able land.


For several weeks The Husband did extensive research about our options to contain the animals that is both cost effective and visually unoffensive.  Since we still intend to eventually put up a nice privacy fence and possibly increase our property line, he was also looking for something that we could easily move or take down.  Finally, The husband made a plan, bought the stuff, and enlisted some help (namely… me.)

Filled with determination, we set out one morning to get the job done.  He bought a roll of 300 sq. ft black pet fencing mesh, some heavy duty zip ties, and a few metal fence posts.  We needed to fence the back of the property around the side up to the back of the chicken coop/workshop building.

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The back of our property is lined with Loblolly Pines so it was a matter of unrolling the fencing and zip tying it to the tree branches top, middle, and bottom.  In order to keep the trees healthy, we were careful to not tie the zip ties too tight around the tree, but tighter around the branches.  We had to pull the fencing taut since it was kind of flexible, but with the two of us it was pretty quick work.  I held the fencing steady and let him do the zip tying.

Once we got to the back corner of the property we had to start putting in the posts to hold the fencing until we got to the back of the chicken coop.  Ok… I may have bailed on him once we got to the corner, but he was able to complete the fence by himself while I took care of lunch.


All in all, the fencing turned out pretty good.  It’s nice because it’s virtually invisible when we are looking out on the back yard, but it still does the job.  So far, only Peepers has found a way out by crawling up under the back corner, and she only climbs out so she can scoot over to the neighbor’s to lay her eggs.  Not even the dogs have escaped, although they are not left unsupervised to roam the yard given their propensity to kill chickens.  The added bonus is that this fencing is very durable and  should last long enough that we can make the necessary decisions and arrangements for any additional property and more decorative fencing.