Ya never know what might show up

This morning I woke up to strange sounds coming from just inside my front door.  It was early (for us) and I was still half asleep and couldn’t quite make out what I was hearing.  Of course I jumped up and out of the bed, ran to the top of the stairs and then tried to make my sleep-deprived brain comprehend what I was seeing and hearing.  The husband was inside the front door with two black balls of fur.  What?!

As I stumbled drowsily down the stairs, my brain all kinds of confusion, I realized there were two of the cutest puppies sitting by the front door.  Puppies!!!

Now, I must confess… I’m not exactly a dog person (shhh… don’t tell Maggie- our dog).  I mean, I love puppies like anyone else- they’re cute and cuddly and funny.  But beyond playing with a puppy or even grown up dog for a little while, I can live without a furry four-legged friend.  My sister is simply mad about dogs.  She has a whole house full that I lovingly refer to as my nieces and nephews.  But I guess that gene didn’t pass to me.

Photo by: David Paterson

But who can resist this?  I mean, come on!  Don’t you remember my baby chicks?  I’m a total sucker for anything cute.

Of course we had to wonder, where did they come from?  Do they have a home?  When exactly did they show up?  The weather has been all kinds of crazy lately.  Were they stuck outside in the 20 degree chill last night?  And furthermore, what do we do with them?

We already know if we keep them too long we’ll become attached.  Heck, it’s been only a few hours and already I can’t imagine our house without them.

2015-01-18 17.22.39
Photo by: David Paterson

Back in about October we adopted Meow-ser, the crow… no, I’m totally kidding, the cat (obviously).  Meow-ser showed up and of course we started feeding her.  Then her friends showed up:  Chocolate Chip, Snowflake, and Tabby.  The other three were more stand-off-ish, but we adopted Meow-ser.  She didn’t come in the house but the husband made her a little home on the front porch, started buying cat food and for Christmas Meow-ser got a comfy pet bed.  She’s pretty much ours now.

It’s funny.  Living out in the country, things do just show up.  I mean, there’s the obvious creatures around- snakes, birds, etc.  But things show up that need your love and care.  Like cats.  And puppies.

The hard part is deciding what you can take care of and what you can’t.  I think you have to have a certain amount of allowance for adopting some of the new creatures.  I mean, to put out food for a stray cat or two really isn’t going to add that much to the budget.  But we can’t take in and care for every creature that shows up.  It’s costly.  Puppies need shots and to be fixed and eat a lot more than one stray cat.  Maybe we decide we can take these in, but what about the next ones?  And there will be more.

photoI guess ultimately, we just have to come to terms that every cute little thing that needs a home, doesn’t necessarily need our home.  And we have to stay focused on taking care of the things we do have and especially the things that are contributing to our life (i.e. chickens).  Plus, we have a plan for some future life-contributing animals that we have to budget for.  If all of that budget is taken up because we’re suckers for cuteness and have far too big hearts then there won’t be anything left for the animals and plants that are going to hopefully make us more self-sustainable.

In the meantime, what’s two cute little puppies going to do?  (Yes, I’m aware of the irony in that question.)  And this non-dog person is falling in love…




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77 thoughts on “Ya never know what might show up”

  1. I have always been a dog lover. My parents on the other hand were not. With not having a lot of money and growing up on a farm, they had to make those tough decisions. The expense of a pet or the expense on an animal that was going to provide nutrition of the family. Best of luck on your decision, it’s hard not to fall in love with those pups. They are adorable.

    1. Ha! Meow-ser won’t go too far since food is quite readily available here, but she’s not too thrilled with the two little puppies.

  2. How interesting! I had that happen about 11 years ago. Heard a noise at the front door, went to look and there’s this tiny puppy tucked under the door frame. I knew if I brought it in the house it was going to be ours, which my wife wouldn’t have liked one bit. I eventually called Animal Control, who came and took the puppy away; cute little thing though.

  3. Awwwww! How adorable. I’m not much of a dog person either, but I would be totally falling in love with these puppies. My cats wouldn’t, but that’s another story…

  4. Famous last words…what can 2 little cute puppies do? hah As a child, I was always collecting strays and I’m sure my mom did her best to resist. Somehow that trait has manifested itself in my own daughter. We got her rabbit because she just “needed a home” and my daughter felt so bonded with her. While that has turned out fine, I simply don’t have the time for a zoo. But then again….

  5. Ah! This reminds me of when we lived on my grandfathers farm and everything under the sun showed up! Cats, chickens, dogs, horses, goats, cows, peacocks…. People just assumed we could take them in. And my mother assumed we could manage them! There is definitely a line that needs to be drawn. Thank you so much for the post. It brings up fond memories of the farm! I miss it very much.


  6. Oh,man, I wish I was a gambler. I would love to lay odds on what the outcome of this conundrum will be. I would be willing to bet those little doe eyed bundles end up with a “forever home” at YOUR home!! Enjoy!

    1. Yeah… it’s looking like it. We had a friend who is interested in giving them a home and we all were sad at the possibility of them being gone. Then again, with that being said, the friend is coming out Sunday to meet-n-greet with the pups.

    1. I think that may be the problem. They will grow on us! But we already have a dog, an adopted cat, a guinea pig, and 10 chickens. Plus, we have plans for rabbits, goats, bees, and possibly sheep and turkeys. These other animals offer us a lot more in life sustainability than the two cute puppies. But snuggly puppies are good for the heart I suppose. :)

  7. So cute! I’m a total animal lover, but I married a man allergic to them. You get used to having no animals after a time. You’re so blessed!

  8. I will fully admit to a weakness for anything cute. All of my cats have been strays; thankfully I have been able to curb my procurement a bit. We only have two cats, no more have found us lately, and I have avoided adopting any of the cuties at the pet supply stores. That said, they have all enriched our lives, and how could you say no to faces like that?

    1. Awww… I’ve been blessed and never lost a pet personally, but shortly after I started seeing my husband his beloved Great Dane passed away. He was devastated. It took a year before we adopted Maggie our weimaraner but now she is nearly 8 years old and losing her hearing and eyesight. I think maybe these puppies showed up so we didn’t have the year between pups. And to keep Maggie young at heart for a while longer.

  9. Awww they are so cute. My mom lives in the country and she’s always got people dropping off their pets. It makes me so sad. We have to call shelters and rescues with the hopes they will help. Like you, she doesn’t mind the cats so much because they tend to come and go. Food for them is super cheap. But dogs; dogs are a completely different story.

    1. We’re pretty sure someone dropped these guys off. Actually drove up our driveway and dropped them off because we live over 1000 feet from the road. people…

    1. Doesn’t it just frustrate you to no end that your heart is so big even though you’re interest isn’t? That’s me. 😛

  10. A very balanced view of the pros and cons of taking on the care of a puppy that is looking for a home. We have to use this method of reasoning, too, to decide what we can handle taking care of or not. Thanks for sharing your insight.

    1. No problem! I’m never good at pro and con lists because I can always reason that a certain pro is also a con and a con is actually a pro and then I get all confused. But in this case, it’s important to keep focused so we can afford the life we’re trying to create.

  11. I am in love with the pups already. I wouldn’t consider myself a dog person either. I am happy with my cats. I guess I am an animal person because I would adopt anything that showed up at my door or at least try to. I am also in the country and the strangest creatures show up in and outside of my home! haha. This is an adorable post. I can’t help but to wonder where those sweet babies came from. It makes me sad to think that someone may have dropped them off somewhere. I hope you find a good home for them!

    1. We’re 99% sure someone drove up our driveway and dropped these cuties off. Maybe they saw we had a dog and thought we’d take good care of them. I understand in some ways though because of the kill-shelters people are afraid to take unwanted animals to the shelter.

    1. Ha! I love cats and my aunt gave me one when I was in high school. My mom HATED cats. But that cat LOVED my mom. Mom ended up loving that silly cat and the cat even slept in the bed with my mom! And of course wouldn’t have anything to do with me. That’s the way it goes now isn’t it?

    1. It’s the babies that suck you in. Then they become rotten little kids and even more rotten teens… oh wait. I may be off on people not pets. Haha!

  12. My family had always loved dogs. We’ve had 6 before and 2 of them were strays. My dad was about to leave the house when a huge dog came running in our house out of nowhere. He looked so sweet and didn’t wanna leave the house so we ‘unofficially’ adopted him. haha! They’re just so cute, especially when they come running after a long day of your absence.

    1. They are cute and so loving. It’s the one thing I do appreciate about dogs is that they are very loyal and love so unconditionally. But 6 dogs?!?! Oh my… If we find any more dogs I don’t know that I would hesitate taking them off to be adopted somewhere, no matter how cute they are because 3 dogs is definitely my limit! (<—- I’m sure these are famous last words spoken…)

    1. Awww… Sweet! Even in neighborhoods stray pets show up. My former neighbor was telling me just the other day that she picked up another kitty (her 3rd) the other week and she lives in a prominent neighborhood!

  13. Hello there! They are so cute! I love dogs and also cats…at this moment I have 1 dog,Papy and 3 cats :). My father loves feeding them hehe. Kiss you!

    1. Awww. I love your dog’s name. We named the puppies Jane and John Doe. Hahaha! We were more inventive with our chickens’ names.

  14. We want a dog so badly, but dogs are a little expensive and big responsibilities. Those puppies are so cute! I like your plan to budget for animals that will help your family in the future :)

    1. Our whole set up is geared for animals and plants that are useful to us. The thought is to become pretty self sufficient. We’ll see how it turns out… :)

  15. I have never been one to take in orphans and strays, although I know several people who do. Still, I am a sucker for puppy sugar, and love my doxie Axle. I would really have to weigh the commitment of two puppies at once . . . . :)

    1. Hi Howard. I loved you blog post about movies- fyi. Yes, two puppies are a pretty big commitment especially since we already have a dog. Maggie isn’t taking it too well that there are two younger models hanging out around here.

  16. Hard decision! They are SO cute, but there has to be a limit. Although I love dogs, we have not had one for a very long time, because I feel it is unfair to the dog to be left at home alone for the whole day. Someday, when at least one of us is home at least part of the day, there will be a home for one of those cute, fluffy balls of fur.

  17. I don’t know how on earth you could resist their cuteness! I know I couldn’t. I admit it, I am pulling for you to keep the dogs. But like you say, you don’t have unlimited resources for taking in every animal that shows up at your door. Is there pet rescue or no kill shelter anywhere in your vicinity? Not for these guys, of course. :) But for your next visitors.

    1. There are no kill shelters but we try to steer clear. We want to know the family that takes our pups in because we want to know they’ll have a good home. we have a few friends that are interested so we’ll see if any are takers. I won’t lie though, I was sad when one of our friends was going to come out this past weekend.

  18. I’m a huge dog lover – I can only imagine finding little pups like that and needing a home. It’s so amazing that you live in the country – you can basically have all the animals you want – though you’re right it gets pretty costly! Hopefully you can offset some of the cost with chickens and things like that to sustain yourselves like you said! Good luck!

    1. Most farm animals like chickens and things won’t offset the cost of additional animals, but rather break even with the care and cost of taking care of them. Dogs and cats are mostly just for pleasure costs. Cuddling these two is definitely pleasurable. :)

  19. I’m always hoping some would show up at our door! 😉 I’m crazy about dogs, but we can really keep only one at the moment, although I’m yearning for a houseful!
    I’m sure you’ll make the right decision for these cuties!

    1. What’s your address? I have two puppies that might show up at your door. Haha! Just kidding. I said the same thing about kids. I was yearning for a houseful. Now I have a houseful and I’m yearning for some peace and quiet.

  20. My aunts and uncles who live in the country are always taking in stray animals. Who can say no to that?? They have ended up with some really great, lifelong pets as a result. Don’t push those puppies out too soon. At least save one for me! 😉

  21. If this happened at my house, it would be really difficult to convince my kids to find a new home for the puppy! So cute! We could never keep a puppy, though, because we travel too much. We’d probably enjoy having a puppy around for a couple days, though! :)

    1. Travelling was a concern for us in our entire homesteading adventure. The dogs are actually easier to deal with than the chickens because you can take dogs to a boarder but the chickens…

  22. I love puppies. My family loves puppies. They are adorable creatures. Thanks for sharing this story. It brought a smile to my face!

  23. I can certainly understand where you are coming from. It is so easy to get attached to these adorable animals but you must remember that there are many other homes for them besides your own.

  24. They could be your farm dogs! Seriously, they are super cute . Perhaps your sister would want them or know someone who does? Dog people tend to attract other dog people so she most likely has friends that need super cute puppies!

    1. My sister already has 6 dogs!!! Her boyfriend has told me if I even think of bringing these puppies over there he will have a fit! We do have a few friends that may take the puppies. We’re waiting to see.

  25. One year during an ice storm, a beautiful fluffy white dog showed up at the farm! It was so cute! We found the owners, but I was kind of disappointed.

  26. Oh goodness!! I would so take them if I were near!! I love them already!! I didn’t live so far in the country but I did live down south and was allowed at one point to have 23 dogs!! I knew each of their names, whose was whose mama and what they liked/ disliked! I was so in love with animals! I would like to have a dog again but right now in life, I’m not equipped just yet! But he/ she is coming!! Thanks for this post!

  27. I love this post and it came at the perfect time for my most recent- 6 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kid a Puppy. 😉 I am sorry if this may convince you to add to your furry family and bless those cute lil puppies no matter if they stay or find them a nice home to live some where else. I look forward to reading how the self-sustaining process is going, may it be a fun project for you and the family.

  28. It’s nice to see that you took the puppies in to rescue them in the beginning, but are conscious about your decision as to if you should keep them or not. If more pet owners thought through their decisions, there might not be such a need for all of the rescues and shelters.

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