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I like free.  I especially like free educational opportunities.  I mean, let’s face it, educating our kids can be really expensive.  Thank goodness for opportunities like Apple Camps from the Apple store.

Ok.  Honestly, these free camps from the Apple store are really just brilliant marketing strategies to bring kids and parents into the store and teach the kids about an Apple product using other Apple products for functionality and holding parents hostage in the store for several hours while the kids learn all of this awesome stuff.  See?  Brilliant marketing strategy.

Well, maybe it’s not quite that blatantly sinister.


The Princess took 3 of the free Apple classes over the summer.  The one she was most excited about was the iStory class.  In this class she created story boards, filmed or photographed the story, and then presented it.

What she loved was getting to create a story.  She had to put thought into the concept of “First, next, finally” which seems like a straightforward concept, but when you’re trying to create an understandable flow from one to the next and have each make sense to the overall story it become a fairly complex concept.  Of course the Princess LOVED it.

I like that they used picture boxes for the kids to lay out the story.  When the Princess drew out her story she could pull from each picture the details that make stories more interesting.

The Apple staff were very enthusiastic about working with the kids and you could tell it really pumped the kids up.  I don’t know how much the staff knew about what they were teaching as an educational concept, but the ideas were there and I have been able to expand on it in our own writing projects at home.


We were not allowed to leave during the 2 hour class so the Littles and I had to hang around in the store.  Fortunately, the Apple store allows you to “test” their products while you’re milling around so the Littles played games on the iPads, iPods, and Apple TV’s until they were bored with that.  Once they began to cause havoc making everyone in the store give me that glaring “you need to control your kids” look, we decided it was time for a bathroom break.  The Apple store was in the mall so we had to make our way through the mall to get to the bathrooms.

We may have had a little fun on our bathroom break excursion…

149  146

Once we got back to the Apple store there was still a little time to play on the iPads and the Littles were rejuvenated enough to be interested again.

By the end of the iStory class the Princess was full of story ideas that have turned into books and movies lying all over the house.  I really like that since the class she seems better equipped to outline her stories so they make sense.  We have taken what she learned in this free class and used it for a number of our regularly scheduled curriculum activities.  She’s still working on adding the details to her stories, but once she gets that down I’m pretty sure I will have the next J.K. Rowling.



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